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Health is very personal and looks different for everyone. That's why at Traction Pain Relief & Wellness we focus on patient-centered care and natural wellness solutions. This means we listen to you and learn your story. We share our knowledge and equip you with tools and resources to empower you on your wellness journey. We tailor recommendations, treatments, programming and follow up as needed to address your unique needs.

How can we help you feel better today?


Stress is a modern-day epidemic and can cause problems with our sleep, digestion and even our ability to deal with pain. Ease the stresses of your day, your week or even your year with natural plant-based blends that help you reach a peaceful state of mind


Sleep is a much-needed time for our body to regenerate and repair. Sleep soundly and wake up refreshed with soothing blends that calm your nerves and your body to support the full night's rest you need.


Pain is the body's way of telling us something is wrong. Give it something right by supporting pain relief with all-natural ingredients. Ease muscular aches and soothe your overworked body with head-to-toe, essential oil based topical blends and internal supplements


Feeling low on energy can make everything more difficult, and often has us reaching for stimulants like caffeine. Feel energized and inspire focus - the natural, essential oil-based way. Stimuluate the senses and invigorate the mind with aromas that will keep you going and going and going.


What we put in our bodies when we eat is just as important as what we put on our body. Paying attention to our digestive system can help us sleep better, be more alert during the day, and take advantage of the nutrients in our food. When you bite off more than you can chew reach for these relieving oil blends to tame tummy troubles.


Our skin is our largest organ, and it works hard to protect us. The body's largest organ is in a constant state of renewal and regeneration. Give your skin the all-natural love it deserves by keeping it in good condition with soothing, protective, plant-based ingredients

No matter what ails you, turn to the healing power of plants to renew, reinvigorate and relieve your mind and body. We're here to help you feel better, naturally.

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