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We help adults in Hampton Roads, VA stop spinning their wheels and gain traction to live a life of empowered health and freedom from reliance on medications, injections and surgeries.

Here at Traction Pain Relief & Wellness our mission is empowering people in their health & healing journey through education. I want to come alongside you and empower you and help you in your journey to living a life of freedom. Whether that's freedom from injury, freedom from chronic pain or freedom from just not feeling your best every single day my goal is to be your teammate and your biggest cheerleader.

Do you have chronic pain associated with low back pain, arthritis, shoulder pain, hip pain, sciatica, knee pain, foot pain, neck pain, migraines or headaches?

​Are you tired of spending another moment living in discomfort and missing out on activities as your pain and symptoms worsen?

Are you frustrated with taking pain medications that don't leave you feeling your best? Do you feel like you're just spinning your wheels as you're sent from doctor to doctor?

Everything you have been looking for to relieve your pain and symptoms is here at Traction Pain Relief & Wellness in Hampton Roads, VA. We can help you live pain free, move easier, stay active and return the the activities that you enjoy without relying on pain medications. We are passionate about patient care and helping you heal, stay fit and live a life of freedom.

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